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Please call to verify your insurance.


Employees say that solutions that help address financial stress are what they need most to thrive in the workplace and at home. Nearly 6 in 10 employees say an appropriate salary is one of the most important elements to successfully navigating and thriving in the workplace.

Yet, a moderate salary increase can only help so much when dealing with an unexpected expense, whether it’s a broken bone or a flooded basement. That’s why financial support in the form of financial wellness programs, retirement plans, and a broad set of benefits can play such a crucial role in helping employees manage the unexpected and plan for the future. And employees realize this too —


 roughly 5 in 10 employees say better benefits are key to thriving.

Stress isn’t exclusively about finances, however — and employers are well positioned to help mitigate many of employees’ other pressures. Whether it’s easing the stress of work itself (the second biggest stressor), tending to personal or family health (the third biggest stressor), or managing personal commitments (the fourth biggest stressor), employers can play a substantial role in transforming the employee experience. 


The right combination of benefits and experiences can help employees feel more engaged and more cared for — and build the trust that enables them to thrive.

Trust leads to happiness at work
While it is helpful for employers to better understand their employees’ sources of stress, it is equally helpful to understand their sources of happiness. Happy employees tend to be better employees.

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